Preparing for Pregnancy when you have diabetes

Pregnancy and Diabetes does not always mean complications for you and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth. If you plan ahead and get support from your doctor, you can fine-tune your diabetes care before you get pregnant.

  1. Keep sugar in check: Your blood sugar levels can be controlled by making healthier lifestyle choices before you get pregnant. The first step is to keep your blood sugar level in target range. Check your sugar frequently and make necessary dietary changes. Meet a dietician to customize a pregnancy diet for you!
  • Stay active even before you plan your pregnancy: Exercise helps the body remain healthy and is good for the coming baby too! It also helps control sugar levels by helping your body use the glucose for energy pre/post workout. Gaining any excess weight/unhealthy lifestyle might just bring complications like miscarriages or childbirth defects.
  • Stay in touch with your Diabetologist:  If you are on insulin, you will have to change the medication to something milder or change the treatment mode before you get pregnant. If there is any change in treatment or medication, ensure you inform your gynaecologist. Certain diabetic conditions are aggravated during pregnancy, hence it is essential that you are aware of them and know what treatment will be effective to tackle them.
  • High Blood Pressure: Blood pressure goals may be different during pregnancy, hence it is important to let your doctor know your plans. Many medicines prescribed for blood pressure may also be unsafe for the fetus.
  • Supplements are essential: Maintain a daily intake of folic acid and prenatal vitamins right when you start planning to get pregnant. Folic acid prevents neural tube birth defects in the baby.

You play a major role during your pregnancy- right from controlling your sugar levels, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can have a healthy pregnancy even if you suffer from Diabetes. It’s just about that little extra care! Take charge of your lifestyle by making the right choices to keep your sugar tightly under control.