Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a lifelong metabolic disorder that affects people of all ages. It is when the blood sugar level becomes too high. This occurs due to the hormone insulin, when it does not efficiently utilize the glucose in the body. Type 1 Diabetes is when no insulin is produced by the pancreas, Type 2 Diabetes is when it’s when the pancreas are unable to process the glucose from the food properly. That’s why, some patients may have to take insulin externally, apart from their medication.

Diabetes can be very emotionally draining for patients, as it requires constant monitoring and maintaining of the blood sugar. Since insulin is responsible for providing glucose to the cells for the proper functioning of muscles and tissues, other organs like kidneys, heart, liver, genitals etc can also be affected if sugar level is too high.

Symptoms of Diabetes can be frequent urination, slow healing of wounds, sudden weight loss or gain, increased hunger or thirst, fatigue and nausea. For a person suffering from Diabetes, simply taking medicines does not help, they also have to alter their lifestyle. That’s why constitutional homeopathy for Diabetes can be quite effective, as it treats the overall health of the person.

Homeopathy treatment for diabetes is individual specific, based on analyzing each patient’s medical history, lifestyle, genes, psychological factors to find the root cause of the insulin inefficiency. While treating the underlying condition, homeopathy medicines also provide the body with essential nutrients and vitamins to strengthen the body’s immune system. Recent studies show that homeopathy is very effective in dealing with the side-effects of Diabetes- like neuropathy, erectile dysfunction etc.

Based on the sugar levels, patients will have to continue allopathy and tackle the side-effects with homeopathy, as a complementary therapy. Diabetes can be controlled by homeopathy only when patients alter their diet and exercise regularly. When the overall health of the individual becomes better, the insulin level naturally comes under control.